What’s the BFD w/ The Quantum Measurement Problem and Consciousness?

How can I recognize consciousness by qualifying it?

So, before any in-depth research, I try various thought experiments to make sense of this through my own lens of day-to-day information technology systems design. How would I, personally, try to define the process of “conscious observation” based on my basic understanding of physical reality?

  1. Store and correlate this new information with previously stored and correlated information (prior experience).
  2. Generate options for responding to the new input information by making predictions about possible future outcomes of each option — ranked by priorities and filtered by constraints ( such as resource requirements ).
  3. Select an option.
  4. Execute a response.*

How can I recognize consciousness by quantifying it?

Now I wonder: is there a definable specification of this information processing configuration at which consciousness emerges?

  • average distance between neurons
  • level of inter-connectivity across the neural network
  • information storage and retrieval quality ( especially over time )

Are there different scopes of consciousness?

Are we to only ascribe this special characteristic of consciousness to ourselves? What about the loving family dog; tool-making corvids; the fluffy rabbit down in this hole we’re in; or networks of tree roots and mycelium hyphae that appear be able to collectively manage their future state in their environment over centuries?

Did I not get the “Don’t talk about the Conscious Observer” memo?

To me, it seems reasonable to at least conclude that a “conscious observer” doesn’t have to mean anything like the type of consciousness we ascribe to ourselves. I don’t have the answers, but this seems like very approachable subject matter — so I’d expect to see less disagreement than there is by now. What’s the deal?



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